About the AUEA, Our Team, and Our Impact



About the AUEA

The Australian University Esports Association (AUEA) is a not-for-profit association founded in 2020, committed to fostering the growth of esports across Australia’s higher education sector. Our mission is to provide a centralized platform for universities to engage in the promotion of esports at all levels of competition. We host events, support grassroots initiatives, facilitate collaborations, and provide funding for the further development of university esports nationwide.

Our Team

The AUEA is made up of a dedicated team of professionals passionate about esports and higher education. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wealth of experience in education, esports, event management, and community building. Together, we work diligently to support our member universities and drive the growth of esports across Australia.

Our Impact

Since our inception, we have seen significant growth in the reach and influence of university esports. We have facilitated the creation of new esports programs at several universities, supported numerous competitive events, and fostered collaborations among our member universities. We are proud of the role we play in enhancing the university experience for students across Australia, and we continue to strive to expand our impact and contribute to the advancement of the esports industry.
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Our Values

We believe in the power of esports as a force for community, competition, and personal development. Our values guide our actions and form the foundation of our commitment to the growth of esports within universities:



We foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie within our member universities, encouraging collaborations and shared experiences.



We promote fairness, honesty, and respect in all our activities, supporting the esports integrity commission’s jurisdiction to ensure ethical and responsible conduct.



We embrace the dynamic and evolving nature of esports, striving to stay at the forefront of trends and developments within the industry.



We believe in the academic potential of esports, promoting it as a tool for enhancing learning, personal growth, and career opportunities.

Strong project team is a key for success!

John Moritz

Founder & CEO

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Livia Richardson

Senior Manager

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Ida A. Spoon

Councilor councilor@idence.org

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Ben Frijones

Councilor councilor@idence.org

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Empowering Universities in Esports

At the Australian University Esports Association (AUEA), we firmly believe that control of university esports should be in the hands of the universities themselves. We recognize that universities know their students best, understand their unique cultures, and are perfectly placed to foster an esports environment that aligns with their specific goals and needs.

Our role is not to control, but rather to empower. We provide the tools, resources, and support universities need to cultivate their own vibrant esports communities. From event organization and management to funding and collaborations, we equip universities with what they need to independently drive their esports initiatives forward.

We see esports as an incredible vehicle for student engagement. It provides a platform for students to connect, compete, and collaborate, regardless of geographical location or physical abilities. Esports can foster a sense of community and belonging, offering a shared interest that can bring together diverse groups of students.

Moreover, the competitive nature of esports can enhance students’ skills and attributes such as strategic thinking, teamwork, and communication – skills that are not only essential for gaming but also highly valued in the wider world of work and life.

Our aim is to ensure that esports serves as an enriching element of the university experience, contributing to personal development, academic success, and overall student satisfaction. We champion a model of esports that aligns with educational values and objectives, putting the interests of students at the forefront.

In empowering universities to take charge of their esports endeavors, we hope to see the growth of a university esports landscape that is diverse, inclusive, competitive, and above all, reflective of the unique identities of our member universities. Together, we can shape an esports culture that truly enriches university life for students across Australia.